Deer Tick
In the New England area it is the Deer Tick that causes greatest concern as they carry Lyme disease, which can be very serious and debilitating if not treated in time. 
Over the last several years, deer have moved deeper and deeper into suburban neighborhoods.  As carriers of the Deer Tick, they spread these pests by walking into brush or tall grass where the ticks are knocked off, ready to be picked up by humans or pets when they go through these areas. 
We offer tick control to help keep your yard tick free, treating the edges of the yard where ticks dwell.  We do not treat the lawn itself as there is no need.
Mice are the greatest carrier of Deer ticks in the early spring as they are on the ground where the ticks are emerging at that time of year.  See our Mice section to keep your home free of these carriers.
If you have a problem with, or want protection from ticks, please give us a call for a quote for service.
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