Subterranean termite worker
Termites; a word that puts fear in the heart of most home owners.  Fear not; we’ll stop them where they are and protect your valuable property with an annual extended service plan with warranty. We provide 2 types of termite control service plans. 
                                                                                                                        1.Full liquid injection treatment using Termidor (TM). This treatment is done by injecting Termidor(TM) into the soil around the entire exterior foundation. It will stop termites when they pass through treated soil. We may also need to do some spot treatment to the soil under the lowest slab (like the cellar floor) if there is visible evidence of termites indoors. This is done by drilling small holes through the slab, injecting the liquid under the slab and then filling the holes again with cement thus sealing the material under the slab out of the reach of humans and pets, with no fumes or odors.
2. For those who do not want liquid chemicals under or around their homes, we also provide a termite baiting program. We use the Advance (TM) bait system. This works when termites feed on a bait that is placed in tamper resistant bait stations inserted in the ground at the exterior perimeter of the structure about 2 feet from the foundation.
       Because termites are social insects and share food, colony suppression and elimination will eventually occur, even killing the queen. Note: We use the Advance (TM) bait system because in our experience the design of this system gets more activity or "hits" in stations faster than all the others on the market. No matter which method you choose, you can feel comfortable having a local company with long time experience develop the best plan to stop or prevent termite problems.                                                                                                                                            If you have termites or want to prevent them, please give us a call for a free  quote.
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